Quick Tips for New Photographers

If you are just getting started with photography, these tips will help you become a pro quickly. New photographers often wonder if they should get the latest camera to improve their photography. If you are at level 9, then a nicer camera can help you get to level 10. But if you are at level 1, then you won't get to level 2 by just using a nicer camera. What will help you the most is learning from other photographers, and building a strong foundation in photography

I'm pretty sure that not every photographer will agree with what I have to say, but these tips are based on principles that I picked up along the way in my own photography journey, and many of these are based on common pitfalls that I often see new photographers get into.  

One last thing: artists don't always follow rules, but they know the rules. So, break the rules, but don't break them accidentally. Learn the rules, and break them intentionally.